Monday, September 24, 2012

Guten Tag

Wie ist dein Name?
Woher kommen Sie?
Wo wohnst du?
Our handy German-English dictionary.

If you can't tell, we have entered the land of German language learning.  These were a few of the questions we had to answer last week during our first class.  Not sure what the question is?  We weren't sure either last week.  Fortunately the teacher has slowed down a little and thrown in a few English words to help.  Needless to say, this is a new challenge.  We (Billy and Ada) have German class after school on Monday and Tuesday each week for the next 10-13 weeks depending on how fast we learn.  Mitchell and Lydia are taking German classes in school and Mitchell also has German tutoring to help accelerate his learning.  This is part of the requirements for our visas.

Yummy sweets that came in the mail!

We are settling into a routine now that school is underway.  Our days are full of lesson plans, teaching, meetings, preparing tests,  and grading with helping Lydia and Mitchell with their homework.  We still have lots to learn, but are grateful for the Lord's equipping each day.

 Ada's learning to bake in Vienna. 

Billy and the children head out to the school each morning around 0700.  Ada does not have to teach until 1:30pm, so she usually stays home until about noon or so.  Her morning is filled with lesson planning, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, and various other errands.  They are enjoying Ada's experimental cooking.  Our meals are actually starting to look like meals!  She has made bread, snicker-doodles, chocolate chip cookies, and cinnamon rolls to name a few.  Cooking takes a little more planning without some of the convince foods we used at home.   Also our refrigerator is about half the size of what we are used to so we have to shop more often instead of stocking up.

 Things are not always as they might seem.  She bought these thinking they were blueberries to make cobbler only to find they are tiny grapes with seeds :)  Thankfully the corner grocery store had frozen blueberries and she was able to make the cobbler.

Lydia and a friend heading to a birthday party.  No car so we carry everything on the Ubahn.

We continue to be amazed at the city we live in!  Vienna is beautiful!  We are trying little be little to get to know our city.  Everywhere we go there is something new to see.

Just outside the building where our church meets.

Near the museum quarter.

Just outside the Hofburg Palace.  

We came upon a "sports exhibit" on Saturday!  It was funny to see the blow-up football player with the historic building in the background.  It was advertising the Austrian Team for the International American  Football League (not sure that is exactly what it is called, but you get the picture).  We do miss football at our house this fall.  We have listened to some games, but most start after midnight our time so we are often asleep.  Oh well, we just wake up and check Facebook and easily get caught up on the games! :) LOL

Well I hope this catches you up a bit on The Wiisanens in Vienna!  Thank you for your love and support!!  

Love and blessings,
Ada (aka "Miss" Clair)

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  1. Enjoy so much reading about your life. Sounds like you are in a routine now. We miss you and pray for you. Hoping that Ken gets to come next year. I would so love to come. We know the Lord holds you in His hand there as He does us here. You are an inspiration to us. We know a little about what you all gave up. So proud of you. Love, Betty H (I don't know how to post except to do it this way. :))