Sunday, June 24, 2012

We are at PFO!!!

Deuteronomy 31:6 - "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because the LORD your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you"

I thought I would catch you up on where we are and what we have been up to this past week.  Father’s Day, we spent the morning sharing with Sunday school classes at Billy’s parent’s church, Hibernia Baptist.  How special it was to have Billy’s Dad, Erik, introduce us to all the classes!  We were so encouraged and humbled by the prayers of support.  We are so thankful for Billy’s parents and for their love and support as we follow God’s leading.

Early Monday morning, Lydia headed out to camp with our church to Cohutta Springs, Georgia and Mitchell went to hang out in Atlanta with his close friend Danny.  It was my official last day at Kindred.  Billy continues to work along with preparing to move to Vienna.
Thursday we loaded up the van and headed to Georgia to pick up Mitchell.  We were blessed to get a reservation at the camp where Lydia was staying for the night.  Friday morning we headed north for PFO.  We stayed in Columbus, Ohio that evening and drove the rest of the way to Houghton College, NY on Saturday. Needless to say we were a little tired of riding and were grateful for a little down time before our meetings started Sunday afternoon. 

Being at PFO makes our move to Vienna so much more of a reality.  We have met several of the other families that will be serving at our school and have instantly bonded with them.  It’s been fun sharing stories of how God has called each of our families to serve in Vienna.  We are looking forward to all God has planned for us the next 2 weeks.

Ada   (aka “Miss” Clair)

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