Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The past few weeks have been exhausting with our return to Vienna and the start of a new school year.  We are finally settling into a routine and the pace is slowing a bit.  Fall is in the air today as we awoke to temperatures in the 40's.  Throughout the past few weeks God has graciously provided others to encourage us and breaks for rest and refreshing.  During the first week of staff orientation we were treated to a wonderful luncheon prepared by several of our student's parents.  

Billy and I have been walking home from church on Sunday afternoons.  It provides the perfect opportunity to get a little exercise and then enjoy some ice cream!  The weather has been lovely and the flowers beautiful.  One Sunday we enjoyed a free "open house" at the Rathaus (city hall).  The interior was beautiful and it was such a treat to see inside the building we pass each Sunday on our way to church.  We only stayed a short time as it was very crowded.  Once outside and in front of the building, it was funny to see a circus tent and palm trees.  Of course as the weather cools, the palm trees will be stored away for the winter.

Mitchell and Lydia are staying busy with school and enjoying time with friends.  Lydia is playing volleyball this fall and also has a part in the high school musical, Fiddler on the Roof.  Mitchell is back to playing soccer along with being part of student leadership and high school praise band.  

Recently we have had the opportunity to spend time with friends from near and far.  Ada's friend Julie and her husband were in Vienna for the night last week and we enjoyed a perfect night walking in downtown Vienna.  We got to see many of the historic sights at night while catching up with each other.  The conversation flowed just like always.  This past weekend was especially relaxing and refreshing!  Friday night we enjoyed dinner with close friends and their new baby.  Saturday was spent with friends relaxing and sharing a meal. Then on Sunday we had friends, Ted and Mary Lou Strawbridge from Ocala, show up at our church!  What a surprise!  That evening we got to have dinner together before they left town the next day.

Lydia with Baby Mateo

We were so encouraged from this time spent with friends.  As I texted to say "good-bye" Sunday evening and thank Mary Lou and Ted for dinner and the encouragement, she responded "God is so kind!!  Yes, yes He is, most gracious and kind!  May you experience the rest and refreshing that only He can give!

Love and Blessings from Vienna,
Ada (aka "Miss" Clair)

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